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Salesforce B2C-Solution-Architect Exam Dumps

Salesforce Certified B2C Solution Architect (SP24)
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Exam Code B2C-Solution-Architect
Exam Name Salesforce Certified B2C Solution Architect (SP24)
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Salesforce B2C-Solution-Architect Sample Questions

Question # 1

A Marketing team plans to support the launch of a new product line. In discussion with theSales and IT teams, the Marketing team proposed introducing a leads-managementprocess, along with a web-to-lead form for the landing page that supports the productlaunch.The leads captured using the form are added to the new nurturing journey in MarketingCloud and subsequently routed to the relevant sales team once they qualify at acertainthreshold.What are two implications that a Solution Architect should consider prior to implementingthis solution? Choose 2 answers

A. Need for additional handling of consent, preferences, and compliance for convertedleads in Marketing Cloud
B. Engagement history from the lead record will be natively available for contact record inMarketing Cloud
C. Leads are unique contact records in Marketing Cloud
D. Leads can have detrimental impact on quality of contact records in Sales Cloud

Question # 2

A company has Person Account set up on their Sales Cloud and they now want to mapsubscriber data in Marketing Cloud. What should a Solution Architect recommend?

A. Sync Subscriber object.
B. A Sync Person Account object.
C. Sync Individual object.
D. Sync Contact object.

Question # 3

A merchant using B2C Commerce and Service Cloud has a requirement for service agentsto order products on behalf of shoppers. In the envisioned scenario, a shopper contacts theservice center with an order request, the agent uses the Service Console to find theshopper's account, and initiate an order on behalf of the shopper using paymentinformation providedby the shopper. The merchant is considering the B2C Commerce -Service Cloud Connector for this implementation.Which three considerations should a Solution Architect keep in mind prior toimplementation? Choose 3 answers

A. Guests or anonymous storefrontshoppers are not supported in this scenario.
B. B2C Commerce needs to be registered as a remote site.
C. Service agents need a corresponding storefront login mapped to their Service Clouduser record.
D. The Service Cloud Connector only supports Person Accounts as a customer model.
E. The Service Cloud Connector only supports contacts as a customer model.

Question # 4

A company is implementing a multi-locale solution that includesB2C Commerce, ServiceCloud, and Marketing Cloud. Order confirmation emails are triggered from either B2CCommerce or Service Cloud and sent from Marketing Cloud.What are two possible reasons why the shipping method name and description can bemissing when these emails are triggered for languages other than US English, while othertranslated content appears correctly?Choose 2 answers

A. The name and description for the shipping method are not set up correctly in B2CCommerce or Service Cloud for the requested locale.
B. The subscriber in Marketing Cloud does not have a preferred locale set.
C. The locale is not set correctly in the body of the email template.
D. The ShippingMethods data extension is missing the label and description field for thecorresponding locale.

Question # 5

A company needs to have specific fields encrypted in the user interface on the contactrecord in Service Cloud as well as on some fields in data extensions that exist only in theMarketing Cloud. The merchant believes that Salesforce Shield Encryption is a suitablesolution.Which two considerations are relevant for the merchant when determining an appropriatesolution?Choose 2 answers

A. With Shield, encrypted fields are not visible to the user, but there are no other featureimpacts.
B. With Shield, encrypted fields cannot be used to filter or sort in Process Builder and FlowBuilder.
C. Field-Level Encryption is alsorequired on Marketing Cloud to encrypt the custom fields.
D. Shield encryption can be done on any standard or custom field on all field types, butcannot be set to encrypt those fields in Marketing Cloud.

Question # 6

A service organization has a long lifecycle for customers that start as a lead and movethrough opportunity to active and former customer states. The organization wants to useSales Cloud and Marketing Cloud as their core customer engagement platforms.Which two considerations should a Solution Architect keep in mind when setting up thismulti-cloud use case?Choose 2 answers

A. Set up the contact object with a specific record type 'Lead' that mimics the standard leadobject to prevent the duplicate contact from being created in Marketing Cloud.
B. Allow both the lead record to generate a contact in Marketing Cloud and the contactrecord to generate a contact in Marketing Cloud.
C. Enable the 'Prevent Duplicates for Lead Conversion' setting when configuring MarketingCloud Connect to prevent converted contacts from generating a duplicate contact.
D. Ensure that when a lead is converted to a contact that the Lead ID is mapped to a custom field on the Contact to be used as the referencedwith the Subscriber ID in Marketing Cloud and avoid duplicate records.

Question # 7

A single-brand client is implementing a Salesforce multi-cloud solution that includes B2CCommerce, Service Cloud, and Marketing Cloud. They have licenses for over 100 ServiceCloud sandboxes, one B2C Commerce realm with on-demand sandboxes, and threeMarketing Cloud production business units. The client wants to understand theenvironment, development, andautomation deployment strategy for the implementation.Which two recommendations should a Solution Architect make in the discovery session?Choose 2 answers

A. Run load testing in B2C Commerce pre-launch against the production instanceconnected to a fullcopy sandbox in Service Cloud
B. Use Marketing Cloud business units as testing environments
C. Use a single Marketing Cloud instance to connect to multiple Service Cloudenvironments using Marketing Cloud Connect for each business unit
D. Use a Service Cloud partial copy sandbox to provide better performance than adeveloper pro sandbox as well as a normal sandbox

Question # 8

A company plans to build a new B2C Commerce storefront fora popular segment ofproducts that generate high-volume sales. Their team is evaluating whether B2CCommerce is the right platform to build this storefront, and they are specifically concernedabout how quotas and limits directly impact the efficiency andstability of solutions built onthe platform.Which two considerations should a Solution Architect keep in mind when considering B2CCommerce Governance and Quotas?Choose 2 answers

A. Object quotas status is updated with an up to 20-minute delay.Therefore, a SolutionArchitect must consider this delay when performing calculations related to traffic and limits.
B. For sandbox instances, quotas can be softened by exporting them from a productioninstance and importing them onto a sandbox instance.This approach lets SolutionArchitects match the development environment to the production environment.
C. Unless a site :s experiencing performance issues, the Solution Architect car assume thatquota violations have not occurred.
D. If an enforced quotais exceeded, an exception is thrown, which prevents the currentoperation from completing. The Solution Architect should design the solution so that theexception can be caught within a customization.

Question # 9

A company has 2,000 customers and currently services them using a call center andspreadsheets. Because of the lack of systems there is no ability to track how successfulagents are. In addition, their ordering system cannot be easily accessed by service agentscosting valuable time andhurting customer satisfaction.What are two reasons a connected B2C Solution can add value to the company?Choose 2 answers

A. Provides a better interface for agents using Service Cloud and B2C Commerce withHeroku
B. Allows agents to more easily accesscustomer data to better support customers whenthey call in
C. Allows agents to use SSO to log into B2C Commerce and Service Cloud using the samecredentials
D. Increases spend ROI as fewer service agents will be needed, which can allow for moresales agents

Question # 10

Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) wants to bring data from across all parts of their SalesforceCustomer Success Platform Into the Marketing Cloudaccount. A Solution Architectrecommends using Synchronized Data Sources In Contact Builder and Marketing CloudConnect to Integrate multiple business units In their account.Which API does the Solution Architect need to use with Marketing Cloud Connect for thisintegration?

A. Tooling API
D. Streaming API

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