Avaya 7392X dumps

Avaya 7392X Exam Dumps

Avaya Aura Call Center Elite Implementation Exam
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Exam Code 7392X
Exam Name Avaya Aura Call Center Elite Implementation Exam
Questions 63 Questions Answers With Explanation
Update Date July 11,2024
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Avaya 7392X Sample Questions

Question # 1

Refer to the exhibit. 

A. 3003 
B. 1003 
C. 2002 
D. 1001 

Question # 2

You need to troubleshoot your Best Services Routing (BSR) polling vectors to verily that they are operating as intended. Which command do you use to do this? 

A. List trace vdn 
B. list trace trunk 
C. monitor bcms hunt group 
D. monitor bcms trunk

Question # 3

Which form displays the total number of Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) agents that can be logged in simultaneously? 

A. System-Parameters Security 
B. Special System Parameters 
C. System-Parameters Customer-Options 
D. Feature-Related System Parameters 

Question # 4

Which two Vector Variable types are strictly global in scope? (Choose two.) 

A. ani 
B. value 
C. collect 
D. dow 
E. Stepcnt

Question # 5

Direct Agent calls are not getting counted correctly In the Call Management System (CMS). What must be administered so that Direct Agent calls are measured properly? 

A. Class of Restriction (COR) 
B. Class of Service (COS) 
C. skill-level 
D. ead-mla 

Question # 6

Which statement about concurrent agent user licenses is true? 

A. Number of agents that can be registered in more than one Communication Manager simultaneously. 
B. Number of agents that can be added to the system. 
C. Only the specified number of licensed units can gain access to more than one skill at a time. 
D. Only the specified number of licensed units can gain access to and register the agent with Communication Manager at any given time. 

Question # 7

Which three items are needed to properly configure a hunt group in an Expert Agent Selection Call center? (Choose three.) 

A. The call distribution method 
B. The group extension 
C. Vector Directory Number (VDN) 
D. The class of Restriction (COR) 
E. The trunk group number 

Question # 8

Which statement describes the purpose and function of a hunt group? 

A. It Is a group of agents that all have- the ability to answer specific calls. 
B. It Is a group of VDNs that receive calls and pass to a vector. 
C. It is a group of extensions that receive calls to a specific telephone number. 
D. It Is a group of skills that an agent has to manage specific calls.

Question # 9

A customer has the Elite Call Center package and wants Basic Call Management System (RCMS) for reports. Which statement is true about this scenario? 

A. BCMS has all the functions Call Management System (CMS) supports but with less capacity. 
B. BCMS generates Split Reports and not Skills Reports. 
C. BCMS does not support all Call Center Elite features. 
D. BCMS is only offered for customers with a Basic Call Center package. 

Question # 10

What provides built-in real-time and historical reporting capabilities for the call center, Including, reports tor Splits/Skills, Agents, Vector Directory Numbers (VDNs) and trunk Groups?

 A. Automatic Number Identification (ANI) 
B. Basic Call Management System (BCMS) 
C. VuStats 
D. Service Level Maximizer (SLM) 

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