Cisco 700-803 dumps

Cisco 700-803 Exam Dumps

IoT Connected Safety and Security Account Manager
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Exam Code 700-803
Exam Name IoT Connected Safety and Security Account Manager
Questions 35 Questions Answers With Explanation
Update Date July 11,2024
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Cisco 700-803 Sample Questions

Question # 1

Which three changes that are directed by IoT in the safety and security industry willsurveillance technology affect? (Choose three.)

A. edge analytics
B. IP cameras
C. analog cameras
D. high-definition cameras

Question # 2

What are three customer initiatives that can signal an opportunity to make an IoT sale?(Choose three.)

A. improving operational efficiencies
B. forming a new department
C. improving incident response
D. decreasing budgets
E. expanding to a new facility

Question # 3

What are three customer initiatives that can signal an opportunity to make an IoT sale?(Choose three.)

A. improving operational efficiencies
B. forming a new department
C. improving incident response
D. decreasing budgets
E. expanding to a new facility

Question # 4

What are three features of Cisco Video Surveillance Manager? (Choose three.)

A. Cisco Unified Wireless IP Phone mobile clients
B. geo-mapping
C. Cisco Dynamic Proxy
D. ruggedized switches and routers
E. support for multivendor Cisco and third-party video analytics

Question # 5

What are four features ofCisco Connected Safety and Security IP cameras and theirapplications? (Choose four.)

A. eliminating connected edge storage
B. easy deployment through Power over Ethernet
C. video and audio analytics
D. open ecosystem for application development
E. embedded security and networking
F. Cisco Instant Connect mobile clients

Question # 6

In which three ways can Cisco Connected Safety and Security solutions be applied to theoil and gas industry? (Choose three.)

A. monitor crime and traffic incidents with Cisco Video Surveillance Manager
B. reduce congestion with parking optimization
C. operate in hazardous conditions with Cisco ruggedized, IoT-ready infrastructure
D. improve incident response with Cisco Collaborative Operations
E. enable remote platform monitoring using Cisco IP cameras and edge video analytics

Question # 7

By which method does Cisco Connected Safety and Security simplify public safety solutionmanagement?

A. strengthening cyber security solutions
B. utilizing a single, converged network and applications that unify safety and security operations
C. reducing costs
D. replacing old solutions

Question # 8

What are four IoT solutions that are available for smart cities in conjunction with CiscoConnected Safety and Security? (Choose four.)

A. waste management
B. connected factories
C. city lighting
D. traffic management
E. parking optimization
F. regulatory compliance

Question # 9

By which method does Cisco ConnectedSafety and Security reduce publicsafety costs?

A. limiting security functionality
B. managing point products that are in silos
C. overhauling antiquated technology
D. integrating with less-expensive off-the-shelf mobile devices

Question # 10

What is most important for IT directors?

A. support the needs of the business with IT solutions
B. deliver superior customer experiences
C. increase revenue and profits
D. respond to changes in the business

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