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Microsoft AI-900 Exam Dumps

Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals
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Exam Code AI-900
Exam Name Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals
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Microsoft AI-900 Sample Questions

Question # 1

You have an Azure Machine Learning pipeline that contains a Split Data module. The Split Data module outputs to a Train Model module and a Score Model module. What is the function of the Split Data module?

A. selecting columns that must be included in the model 
B. creating training and validation datasets 
C. diverting records that have missing data 
D. scaling numeric variables so that they are within a consistent numeric range 

Question # 2

You have an Al solution that provides users with the ability to control smart devices by using verbal commands. Which two types of natural language processing (NLP) workloads does the solution use? Each correct answer presents part of the solution. NOTE: Each correct selection is worth one point.

A. text-to-speech 
B. translation 
C. language modeling 
D. key phrase extraction 
E. speech-to-text 

Question # 3

You have insurance claim reports that are stored as text. You need to extract key terms from the reports to generate summaries. Which type of Al workload should you use?

A. conversational Al 
B. anomaly detection 
C. natural language processing 
D. computer vision 

Question # 4

You are building a Language Understanding model for an e-commerce business. You need to ensure that the model detects when utterances are outside the intended scope of the model. What should you do?

A. Test the model by using new utterances 
B. Add utterances to the None intent 
C. Create a prebuilt task entity 
D. Create a new model 

Question # 5

In which two scenarios can you use a speech synthesis solution? Each correct answer presents a complete solution. NOTE: Each correct selection is worth one point.

A. an automated voice that reads back a credit card number entered into a telephone by using a numeric keypad 
B. generating live captions for a news broadcast 
C. extracting key phrases from the audio recording of a meeting 
D. an Al character in a computer game that speaks audibly to a player 

Question # 6

In which scenario should you use key phrase extraction?

A. translating a set of documents from English to German 
B. generating captions for a video based on the audio track 
C. identifying whether reviews of a restaurant are positive or negative 
D. identifying which documents provide information about the same topics 

Question # 7

You build a QnA Maker bot by using a frequently asked questions (FAQ) page. You need to add professional greetings and other responses to make the bot more user friendly.What should you do?

A. Increase the confidence threshold of responses 
B. Enable active learning 
C. Create multi-turn questions 
D. Add chit-chat 

Question # 8

You plan to develop a bot that will enable users to query a knowledge base by using natural language processing. Which two services should you include in the solution? Each correct answer presents part of the solution. NOTE: Each correct selection is worth one point.

A. QnA Maker 
B. Azure Bot Service 
C. Form Recognizer 
D. Anomaly Detector 

Question # 9

You need to develop a chatbot for a website. The chatbot must answer users’ questions based on the information in the following documents: A product troubleshooting guide in a Microsoft Word document A frequently asked questions (FAQ) list on a webpage Which service should you use to process the documents?

A. Azure Bot Service 
B. Language Understanding 
C. Text Analytics 
D. QnA Maker 

Question # 10

You are authoring a Language Understanding (LUIS) application to support a music festival. You want users to be able to ask questions about scheduled shows, such as: “Which act isplaying on the main stage?” The question “Which act is playing on the main stage?” is an example of which type of element?

A. an intent 
B. an utterance 
C. a domain 
D. an entity 

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