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Oracle 1z0-1000 Exam Dumps

Oracle Workforce Compensation Cloud 2018 Implementation Essentials
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Exam Code 1z0-1000
Exam Name Oracle Workforce Compensation Cloud 2018 Implementation Essentials
Questions 178 Questions Answers With Explanation
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Oracle 1z0-1000 Sample Questions

Question # 1

What type of attack was the Stuxnet virus? 

A. cyber warfare
B. hacktivism
C. botnet
D. social engineering

Question # 2

What is a reason for an organization to deploy a personal firewall?

A. To protect endpoints such as desktops from malicious activity.
B. To protect one virtual network segment from another.
C. To determine whether a host meets minimum security posture requirements.
D. To create a separate, non-persistent virtual environment that can be destroyed after a session.
E. To protect the network from DoS and syn-flood attacks.

Question # 3

Which type of IPS can identify worms that are propagating in a network?

A. Policy-based IPS
B. Anomaly-based IPS
C. Reputation-based IPS
D. Signature-based IPS

Question # 4

While creating a compensation plan, the compensation manager of your client’s organizationchooses to enable Compensation Change statement. As an implementation consultant, which is thedependent configuration that you would advise the compensation manager to perform? (Choose thebest answer.) 

A. Enable components and create at least one component (Configure Compensation Components). 
B. Enable the Communications tab type (Configure Worksheet Page Layout). 
C. Enable components and create a component linked to the budget pool (Configure Compensation Components). 
D. Configure related components (Configure Worksheet Page Layout: Detail Table tab.) 

Question # 5

As an implementation consultant, you want to override the currency on the item definition. TheUnited States Dollar currency is currently specified on it. This needs to be overridden to the IndianRupee. What are the two approaches that you should use to override the currency of thecompensation item from the United States Dollar to the Indian Rupee? (Choose two.) 

A. Define a formula that retrieves compensation and specifies currency as the Indian Rupee. 
B. Define the source type as Benefit Balance, which has currency specified in the Indian Rupee. 
C. Define a Category that includes the item and has currency defined as the Indian Rupee. 
D. Define a Compensation Statement Definition that includes the item and has currency defined as the Indian Rupee. 

Question # 6

You are configuring approvals under the Worksheets task list for an annual workforce compensation plan. Your customer wants the worksheets to be approved by different people other than the hierarchy determined for the plan. How should you accomplish this? (Choose the best answer.) 

A. Create an alternate manager approval hierarchy that overrides the plan hierarchy. 
B. Create an alternate manager approval hierarchy and replace the plan hierarchy with the created alternate hierarchy. 
C. Have the customer change the business process because you cannot have different approval hierarchies for the plan and the worksheet. 
D. Create an alternate position approval hierarchy that overrides the plan hierarchy. 

Question # 7

our Workforce Compensation Plan has the following Plan Cycle setup:Evaluation Period Start Date: 1-Jan-2014Evaluation Period End Date: 31-Dec-2014Worksheet Update Period Start Date: 1-Jan-2014Worksheet Update Period End Date: 31-Dec-2014HR Data Extraction: 31-Dec-2014Eligibility Determination Date: 31-Dec-2014Worksheet Update Period Start Date: 1-Nov-2014Worksheet Update Period End Date: 31-Jan-2015Due to reorganization in the month of December 2014, the Marketing department was split into twonew departments: Branding and Communications, which resulted in transfers of many employeesfrom one manager to another.You, as the compensation administrator, are required to ensure that all the relevant organizationalchanges are included in the Compensation Worksheet. What would you have to do to accomplishthis? (Choose the best answer.) 

A. Schedule the Refresh Workforce Compensation Data process nightly to ensure that line managers see the most current data, including the recent transfers and other employment changes. 
B. Run the Refresh Workforce Compensation Data process on 1-Nov-2014 because that is the date when line managers start updating the worksheet. 
C. Validate Plan Setup to ensure that all HR Data updates are accounted in the worksheet. 
D. Run the Back Out Workforce Compensation Data process with the “Full back out” option. 

Question # 8

How would you control the task of determining if a person is eligible for a compensation plan? (Choose the best answer.) 

A. a mix of element eligibility and eligibility profiles 
B. through element eligibility only, never with eligibility profiles 
C. with the eligibility profiles, never through element eligibility 
D. either with eligibility profiles or through element eligibility 

Question # 9

A corporation is implementing Oracle Fusion Workforce Compensation and has set up an individualcompensation plan for a contribution. This contribution has to be approved by the four members inparallel.Identify the correct option regarding parallel approvals. (Choose the best answer.) 

A. Parallel approvals are not fully supported, but notifications can be sent to all members in parallel using the list builder resource option and configuring Application Role. However, the first person who claims the notification can approve it, and this ends the process and the other members lose control over the approval of the notification. 
B. Parallel approvals are supported by configuring the Application role option in the Resource list builder. Only after all the approvers approve will the process end. 
C. Parallel approvals are supported and can be configured using Static approval groups. Only after all the approvers approve will the process end. 
D. A parallel approval option is not available and any approval configured is always sequential. 

Question # 10

What happens when you define Workforce Compensation Plan components but the employees to whom the compensation change is being administered does not have any component in his or her salary? (Choose the best answer.) 

A. The sum of all components identified to be posted as salary is posted as a single salary adjustment amount to the employee’s salary record. 
B. The first component is automatically mapped to the salary and the amount associated with this component is posted as a salary adjustment to the employee record. 
C. The last component is automatically mapped to the salary and the amount associated with this component is posted as a salary adjustment to the employee record. 
D. The component adjustment is not posted as a salary adjustment to the employee’s record. While designing the compensation plan, it has to be kept in mind that the plan components must have a direct mapping with the employee’s salary components. 

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