Oracle 1z0-1033 dumps

Oracle 1z0-1033 Exam Dumps

Oracle CPQ Cloud Service 2019 Implementation Essentials
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Exam Code 1z0-1033
Exam Name Oracle CPQ Cloud Service 2019 Implementation Essentials
Questions 96 Questions Answers With Explanation
Update Date July 11,2024
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Oracle 1z0-1033 Sample Questions

Question # 1

What is the correct navigation path to create Account Integrations?

A. Admin > Accounts >Add >Integration
B. Admin > Accounts >Integration > Add
C. Admin > Process Definition > Integrations > List > Add
D. Admin > Accounts > Import >Integration > Add

Question # 2

What is the correct order of execution of Configuration rules for an attribute that has both Recommendation and Constraint rules written on it?

A. Recommendation,Constraint, Hiding, Recommended Item
B. Constraint, Hiding, Recommendation, Recommended Item
C. Constraint, Recommendation, Constraint, Hiding, Recommended Item
D. Hiding, Constraint, Recommendation, Recommended Item
E. Recommendation, Recommended Item, Hiding, Constraint

Question # 3

Your users receive a notification for a transaction from CPQ when an approval has been retracted and is no longer needed. The notification contains a generic message about this action. However, users would like to get more details about the transactionWhat is the Oracle-recommended best practice to fulfill this requirement in CPQ? 

A. Trigger an email action to notify users by custom defining the email’s subject and body, which contain the transaction details, by using the advanced function available in the Revise action.
B. When a transaction needs to be revised, allow the transaction owner to send a parallel email to approvers, which should include the necessary transaction details.
C. Switch the system-generated email-to-email template, which will include the desired transaction information when approvers are notified.

Question # 4

Which arethree testing strategies for Oracle CPQ Cloud? (Choose three.)

A. Test cases should be directly linked to business requirements.
B. Avoid using a test case tracking tool because it is time consuming to track all of the testing team’s efforts.
C. Perform isolated tests as well as intra-system and cross-system integration tests
D. Create specific test data for accounts, opportunities, and contracts in the CRM system and use that data to perform end-to-end tests for CPQ Cloud quotes.

Question # 5

Identify two ways in which you can display a message to a user while using simple table-based lookups for an attribute. (Choose two.)

A. defining an advanced BML (CPQ Cloud Language) function for that attribute
B. setting the message type as Static Entry when selecting an attribute to populate
C. setting the message type as Table Column when selecting an attribute to populate
D. defining a static text message for that attribute

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