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Oracle 1z0-1041 Exam Dumps

Oracle Cloud Platform Enterprise Analytics 2019 Associate
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Exam Code 1z0-1041
Exam Name Oracle Cloud Platform Enterprise Analytics 2019 Associate
Questions 72 Questions Answers With Explanation
Update Date July 11,2024
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Oracle 1z0-1041 Sample Questions

Question # 1

What are the two commonly used dimensional modeling schemas?

A. Star
B. Sun
C. Moon
D. Snowflake

Question # 2

You create a visualization of revenue data by date (at day level) for the past three years. You then add a forecast.How can you check the accuracy of the forecast?

A. Add reference lines for the maximum and minimum.
B. Combine a polynomial trend line with a suitable reference line.
C. Change the model employed by the algorithm.
D. Select the option to highlight the prediction interval for a given percentage.

Question # 3

Which statement is false regarding arrangement of visuals on a canvas?

A. Visuals can be stacked one on top of another.
B. Visuals can be arranged vertically, one visual beside another.
C. Visuals cannot be arranged automatically.
D. Visuals can be arranged horizontally, one visual above another.

Question # 4

Which two statements are true regarding the ways in which Oracle Analytics Cloud provides self-service data preparation capabilities?

A. The Oracle Data Integrator tool used for extraction, load, and transformation of data is a foundational component of the Oracle Analytics Cloud and is essential for data preparation.
B. Join rules for mashing up data from relational sources and delimited flat files can only be defined within the Oracle Analytics Cloud Data Modeler.
C. Data flows within the data preparation feature of Data Visualization can be used to extract, wrangle, and format data content from all supported data sources to create data sets upon which visuals may be constructed.
D. Data sources can include application tables, data warehouses, data lake reservoirs, delimited flat files, and Microsoft Excel spreadsheets in the .xlsx format.

Question # 5

Which three options are correct about application workbooks?

A. Worksheets can be modified by using the Cube Designer wizard.
B. Worksheets cannot be modified directly in Excel.
C. Application workbooks support the generation reference dimension build method.
D. Multiple dimensions can be placed on a single worksheet.
E. Application workbooks can have data load worksheets and calculation worksheets.

Question # 6

You are migrating On-Premises Essbase cubes to the cloud service. Which four steps should you perform?

A. Convert all applications and associated artifacts to non-Unicode mode before export.
B. Correct any partition settings in the Life Cycle Management exported .zip file.
C. Install and execute the Life Cycle Management utility to export the required Essbase source application.
D. Import a .zip file using the Command Line Interface tool.
E. Convert all application-level substitution variables to server-level variables before export.
F. Convert all application-level files and artifacts to database-level files and artifacts before export.

Question # 7

The extensive palette of visualization options delivered with Oracle Analytics Cloud can be extended with custom plugins.What option is false about implementing custom visualization plugins?

A. The bicreateplugin script, provided with Oracle Analytics Cloud, can be used to create a skeleton visualization to facilitate custom development.
B. Oracle Analytics Cloud provides a Software Development Kit (SDK) to enable builds of custom plugins.
C. To be implemented, custom plugins must be deployed in the Bi_HOME\Analytics\src\customVi2 directory and BI Services need to be restarted.
D. Plugins for rendering sophisticated visuals can be downloaded from the Oracle Data Visualization Library.

Question # 8

What statement is false regarding how Data Flow Sequences can be configured?

A. Sequences can be configured to fork multiple Data Flows to be run in parallel so as to complete data preparation more quickly than running flows serially.
B. Data Set prepare execution can be encapsulated by embedding Sequences inside of other Sequences.
C. To remove an item from a Sequence, click the Action menu icon at the far right of the line upon which the item is found and then select Remove from the drop-down menu,
D. To change the order of an item in the Sequence, the item can be selected by clicking it and dragging it up or down. It will be placed immediately below the highlighted item.

Question # 9

Your company is using an Essbase cube, which is enabled for Scenario Management. Planners model data in individual scenarios and submit them for approval.While modeling data in the "SB1" sandbox, you changed a few values based on some assumption. Later, yourealized that your assumptions were incorrect. You want to start again with the original values, the same as base.Which step should you perform?

A. Type #Revert in the changed scenario cells and Submit Data.
B. Type #Missing In the changed scenario cells and Submit Data.
C. Type #Discard in the changed scenario cells and Submit Data.
D. Type #Base in the changed scenario cells and Submit Data.
E. Type #Original in the changed scenario cells and Submit Data.

Question # 10

What should you do to visualize the relationship between two numeric values?

A. Use a box plot with trellising.
B. Create a line chart with multiple reference lines.
C. Create a scatter plot of the two numeric values and choose a value of interest as the category (points).
D. Create multiple pie charts.

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