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Oracle 1z0-932 Exam Dumps

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure 2022 Architect Associate
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Exam Code 1z0-932
Exam Name Oracle Cloud Infrastructure 2022 Architect Associate
Questions 253 Questions Answers With Explanation
Update Date July 11,2024
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Oracle 1z0-932 Sample Questions

Question # 1

Which statement is true about Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Object Storage Service?

A. An Archive Object Storage tier bucket can be upgraded to the Standard Object Storage tier.
B. You cannot directly download an object from an Archive Object Storage bucket.
C. An existing Standard Object Storage tier bucket can be downgraded to the Archive Object Storage tier.
D. Data retrieval in Archive Object Storage is instantaneous.

Question # 2

You have multiple applications installed on a compute instance and these applications generate a large amountof log files. These log files must reside on the boot volume for a minimum of 15 days and must be retained forat least 60 days. The 60-day retention requirement is causing an issue with available disk space.What are the two recommended methods to provide additional boot volume space for this compute instance?(Choose two.)

A. Terminate the instance while preserving the boot volume. Create a new instance from the boot volumeand select a DenseIO shape to take advantage of local NVMe storage.
B. Create an object storage bucket and use a script that runs daily to move log files older than 15 days tothe bucket.
C. Create and attach a block volume to the compute instance and copy the log files.
D. Create a custom image and launch a new compute instance with a larger boot volume size.
E. Write a custom script to remove the log files on a daily basis and free up the space on the boot volume.

Question # 3

Which two use Oracle dynamic routing gateway (DRG) for connectivity? (Choose two.)

A. Remote virtual cloud network (VCN) peering across region
B. Oracle IPsec VPN
C. Local VCN peering
D. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure FastConnect public peering

Question # 4

Your company has decided to move a few applications to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and you have beenasked to design it for Disaster Recovery (DR). One of the items of your design is to deploy the DR at least 300miles from the home site and minimize the network latency as much as possible.Based on that, what will be the recommended deployment?

A. Deploy applications in two separated VCNs in different Availability Domains and use VCN RemotePeering
B. Deploy applications in different regions and have them connected using VCN Remote Peering
C. Deploy applications in two separated VCNs in different regions and use VCN Local Peering
D. Deploy applications on the same region splitting workloads across Availability Domains.

Question # 5

What is the default backup location for database backup on Database Cloud Service (DBCS)?

A. Object Storage on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
B. ASM diskgroup
C. block volume
D. locally attached NVMe on Virtual Machine

Question # 6

You are designing a shared storage solution for your company in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. The proposedstorage solution should allow users to create a hierarchical structure (similar to the directory structure in Linuxor Windows based systems). The solution should provide data encryption and a large amount of storage space.Which would be the best implementation strategy?

A. Use block storage. Create and attach a large block storage volume to one compute instance. Assign apublic IP to the compute instance. Store data on the block storage and access it by connecting to thecompute instance.
B. Use object storage. Create a single namespace and multiple buckets to create the hierarchical directorystructure.
C. Use object storage. Create multiple namespaces with one bucket each. Make the buckets publiclyaccessible.
D. Use file storage service. Create a file system and a mount target. Share the private IP of the mounttarget.

Question # 7

Which does NOT set a variable in Terraform?

A. Passing the variable with a var statement to Terraform
B. Setting the variable as key value pairs in a file in a subdirectory named tfvar
C. A default value in the variable declaration within a TF plan file
D. Setting the environment variable using a TF_VAR_ predicate in front of the variable name

Question # 8

Your application front end consists of several Oracle Cloud Infrastructure compute instances behind a loadbalancer. You have configured the load balancer to perform health checks on these instances.If an instance fails to pass the configured health checks, what will happen?

A. The instance is replaced automatically by the load balancer.
B. The instance is terminated automatically by the load balancer.
C. The instance is taken out of the back end set by the load balancer.
D. The load balancer stops sending traffic to that instance.

Question # 9

Your company is developing a new database application in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. You need to testapplication functionality including a hardware failure scenario. Since the application is still in the developmentphase, you want to minimize infrastructure costs.Which database service deployment option meets this requirement?

A. two node real application cluster (RAC) system
B. Autonomous Data Warehouse (ADW) system as it provides auto fail over functionality
C. two node bare metal system with data guard enabled
D. single node bare metal system

Question # 10

Which three are valid Terraform configuration components? (Choose three.)

A. variable
B. region
C. metadata
D. instance
E. resource
F. data source

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