Oracle 1z0-976 dumps

Oracle 1z0-976 Exam Dumps

Oracle CPQ Cloud Service 2017 Implementation Essentials
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Exam Code 1z0-976
Exam Name Oracle CPQ Cloud Service 2017 Implementation Essentials
Questions 94 Questions Answers With Explanation
Update Date July 11,2024
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Oracle 1z0-976 Sample Questions

Question # 1

Which two items are not included in an environment refresh?

A. Automated FTP upload to CPQ schedule
B. Active sessions
C. Users
D. Commerce transactions
E. Configuration administration

Question # 2

When creating a connection for a CPQ SOAP Endpoint in ICS, which format is expected?

A. https://<siteURL>/v2_0/receiver/commerce/oraclecpqo?WSDL
B. https://<siteURL>
C. https://<siteURL>/ics/catalog
D. https://<siteURL>/v1/receiver?WSDL

Question # 3

What is the best method for restricting users from removing line items that are added to the configuration through a Recommended Item rule?

A. Write a Constraint rule to throw a runtime error on the Delete Action event.
B. Add an Advanced Validation rule on Delete Main Doc Action.
C. Ensure that all the parts are coming from a “mandatory” Recommended item rule.
D. Use CSS to hide the check box on Line Grid.

Question # 4

When using Web Services 1.0, consider the following sequence of a client system calling CPQ Cloud WebServices.1. Call Security Login WebServices with User ID and Password.2. Create a Commerce update Transaction WebServices call by using an existing transaction ID.3. Make the following updates in the web service XML:Set Session ID.Set “_shipTo_first_name” to “myName”4. Submit the WebService call.5. Call Security Logout WebServices with the Session ID to close the session.Based on the given sequence, which two statements are true? (Choose two.)

A. Step 5 is unnecessary. Session ID is not needed to log out.
B. The call in step 4 will throw an error.
C. Step 3 does not specify an action to execute; therefore, nothing is updated in the transaction.
D. The session will still be open.
E. The Commerce transaction should be updated with the new Ship To name.

Question # 5

Identify four types of attributes that can be set by formulas.

A. Integer Attributes
B. Single Select Menu Attributes
C. Date Attributes
D. Text Attributes
E. Boolean Attributes
F. Currency Attributes

Question # 6

What is the correct order of execution of Configuration rules for an attribute that has both Recommendation and Constraint rules written on it?

A. Recommendation, Constraint, Hiding, Recommended Item
B. Constraint, Hiding, Recommendation, Recommended Item
C. Constraint, Recommendation, Constraint, Hiding, Recommended Item
D. Hiding, Constraint, Recommendation, Recommended Item
E. Recommendation, Recommended Item, Hiding, Constraint

Question # 7

When designing an integration with an ERP system, you must communicate with a third party integration tool (such as a middleware or a hub).Which three methods can be used to communicate with a middleware in this scenario? (Choose three.)

A. Automated FTP
B. urldata function call in a Commerce Advanced Modification BML function
C. Formula Management
D. Commerce Integration XSLs on an Action
E. Send XML on a Transition Rule via Real Time Integration
F. Commerce Integration Cloud Service Integration on an Action
G. DataCube Reporting

Question # 8

A customer attempts to set up Subscription Ordering on their site using the steps outlined in the ABO Implementation Guide. The site has been previously set up with BOM Mapping for a specific model. Upon testing the Subscription Ordering functionality for this model, they notice that no values are populated in the Action Code Transaction Line level attribute when adding line items to their Transaction.Which statement is true?

A. They added an incorrect reverse mapping entry for the model in the Oracle_aboPart2Model table(Admin > DataTables).
B. They selected an incorrect function for the “BML Util Function” selection under BOM settings (Admin> BOM > Declare Util Function).
C. They specified an incorrect site URL in the abo_initializeContext BML Util Library function (Admin > BML Library).
D. They provided incorrect BOM Mapping values for the model in the BOM Item Definition and BOM Item Mapping tables (Admin > Data Tables).
E. They failed to incorporate conditionals to handle action code statuses in the formula for the Price (List) Transaction attribute (Admin > Process Definition > Formulas).

Question # 9

In which two locations are the keywords for mobile processing of quotes defined when setting up approvals?(Choosetwo.)

A. Submit sub-action – Submit for Approval
B. Submit sub-action – Approve
C. Submit sub-action – Reject
D. Mobile Approval Email Notification

Question # 10

A client wants customers to be able to select a laptop category from a drop-down list in the Product Configuration section. After the laptop category is selected, all laptops within that category need to be displayed without the user having to do any more selections.Which option meets this requirement?

A. Formula Administration
B. Util library function
C. Commerce library function
D. Auto Update

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